The Muraki Foundation was created on July 13, 1999 as a non-profit institution governed by private law, with the objective of providing institutional support to the Instituto de Tecnologia da Amazônia (UTAM), having as Director Fernando dos Santos Moreira Junior and his registration with the Foundations Office of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the State of Amazonas.




As of July 14, 2003, Paulo Adroaldo Ramos Alcantara took over the direction of the Muraki Foundation, where he died in October 2020.





In 2021, the Solidarity Action project started, which donates basic food baskets to shelters and delivers meals to hospitals and people in need.





After the extinction of UTAM, in 2001 it started to support the Universidade do Estado do Amazonas (UEA), in management and administrative support in research, extension, courses and R&D projects.





Fernando Moreira returned to the direction of the institution, continuing the activities carried out by Muraki through the Priority Program for Human Resources Training, with social and international projects and with new management and partner proposals.




During the 22 years, Muraki supports and participates in the management of teaching, research, development and technological innovation projects at regional, national and international levels, as well as social and philanthropic projects.


Support in the management of teaching, research and extension projects at the State University of Amazonas and other institutions in the Northern Region of the country.


To be a reference in the north region as a project manager by 2024.


  • Our projects seek to improve people's lives;
  • Responsible for the environment;
  • Security in business and for people;
  • Respect and dignity to all;
  • We deliver what we assume.


  • Respect and transparency in the organization;
  • Innovation, creativity and social development;
  • Diversification of fundraising;
  • Developed skills – Technical, human and social.
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